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Cheese in the mountains

The churn was previously made only by shepherds on the east side of the Himalayas. The food is otherwise rich in protein, has a smoky taste and a hard texture that the longer you chew, the softer it will be – writes the BBC in his report.

A csurpit a chauri made from milk. A chauri is a ruminant born from a cross between a male yak and a cow. This type of cheese is popular in East India and most of Nepal and Bhutan. People take small cubes in their mouths and chew them for hours, which is like

a rock hard chewing gum. however, as a result of prolonged chewing and saliva, it loses more and more of its hardness, while the special taste of the droppings can be constantly felt.

Creating the specialty

Hard cheese was born as a result of the mountain climate and the way of life in the Himalayas. The finished product can be consumed for up to one year, however, if properly packaged, it can retain its warranty for twenty years.

He mentions the report Paszang Darcse Tamang a local skimmer who lives in the Himalayas at an altitude of more than four thousand meters. The master collects three hundred liters of chaurite milk a day, from which he must make the drip before the milk spoils.

Livestock farming has been one of the core activities of communities in the Himalayas for centuries, if not millennia. And the enclosed mountainous area provides very limited commercial opportunities for locals. Mukta Sing Lama Tamang – who is not related to the tamper maker Tamang – an anthropologist at the Tribune University in Kathmandu believes that

the dairy product has always been an essential part of Himalayan culture. According to him, the cheese was made thousands of years ago, as people were often faced at the time with not being able to use skimmed milk.

One of the special features of the cheese is that it is really rock hard as it has a very low moisture content. Although the hardness also makes it quite difficult to consume, the cheese can be stored for months or even years if stored properly, for example in animal skin. After being left to ferment for a few days, it is dried and smoked over a fire to give it a special taste. Its final shape and appearance are completely different from the appearance of the cheese we are used to.

We are grateful to have chauris from whom we can make a drop of milk. We are illiterate, so this is almost the only way to make a living. That’s what we mean, we know how to make cheese, and we know how to survive. Thus, not only do we carry on our ancient culture, it even helps us economically

He told Pashang.

The Himalayas are vast, so the csurpi is a useful source of food, as it can be kept for a long time, which is why it has actually become a popular dish of the serpas – Nepalese freighters, yak herders. For Nepalis, serving expeditions visiting the Himalayas is an important source of income, but the csurpi is also a good source of income. Because in addition to that

due to its hardness it stays for a long time, it is used with preference soups also for flavoring. By the way, milk and cheese are the basis for barter trade in the region.

In nearby villages they are exchanged for rice, grain, salt and oil.

Chauri graze a special type of grass at this altitude (3500-4000 meters) that can be consumed even in winter so the animals do not lose weight, i.e. they always give thick and fine milk.

In addition, the toughest cheese in the world is even healthy, as it is made entirely from natural ingredients and has a very low fat content.

No preservatives or additives are used in its preparation, only the usual, ancient methods.

(Cover image: Nepalese cheese, drops. Photo: Shutterstock)

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