Ferenc Kovács

2021.11.21. 19:22

Twenty-five cars were locked in the area to rob a clothing store.

About eighty, masked, armed with a crowbar, rushed down a Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California. Roads were stopped by 25 cars, they ran into the store and took their clothes away, he wrote NBC.

One employee was blown away with paprika press, two others were hit and kicked. All three suffered minor injuries and were cared for on the spot. The whole case lasted a few minutes, not knowing how much goods were taken away in total. Most looters managed to escape, three people were arrested. A firearm was also found at one of them.

Maybe I could see 50 or 80 people in ski masks and shields. Nordstrom was looted. I will close the front door from now on. And the back. You never know. They could have come here,

Said Brett Barrett, who works in a restaurant opposite.

A day earlier at a Louis Vuitton store in nearby San Francisco they were knocked down looters.

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