Index - Abroad - Two drug smugglers sentenced to death in China

Two drug smugglers in Fujian province in southeast China have been sentenced to death for transporting 400 kilograms of methamphetamine from Southeast Asia to Taiwan, China’s New Service (CNS) state news agency reported on Thursday.

In the case, which, according to the CNS, was rolled up in a “large-scale operation,” a further ten defendants belonging to the same drug smuggling network were sentenced to ten years in prison. All that is known about the time of the verdict, according to the CNS, is that it happened recently.

In December 2020, gangs in the network used fishermen in the coastal province to transport the drug to the island of Taiwan. In the case, 20 suspects were arrested and 400 kilograms of methamphetamine and a fishing boat were seized, an unnamed member of the Coast Guard was quoted as saying by the press agency.

Drug trafficking is usually punishable by death in China, but the number of executions is kept secret.

Between Fujian and Taiwan, on the northwest coast of the Strait of Taiwan, the Strait of Taiwan is about 160 kilometers wide, and local criminals have long been smuggling people and goods through it.

Since July 2018, the Fuzhen Coast Guard has seized a total of 3.7 tons of drugs in nine operations, according to the CNS.

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