Index - Abroad - Ukraine does not have enough gas, yet they would negotiate with the Russians

Due to the disruption of transit traffic in Ukraine, the eastern and southern counties of Ukraine may be left without gas supplies, writes Word and Deed referring to the Ukrainian news portal a Carpathian news. According to energy expert Serhiy Djachenko, the shutdown can be expected right in the middle of the heating season.

The gas transmission system in Ukraine is built in such a way that gas cannot enter the pipelines of the eastern and southern regions due to the stoppage of transit transport, the expert said. According to him, the problem could be solved by starting the so-called reverse delivery.

Earlier, the Economicskaya Provda wrote that the country has 15 billion cubic meters of gas stored instead of the required 19 billion. Contrary to press reports, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smihal said in an interview that there will be no supply problems for the country. According to him, 18.7 billion cubic meters of gas have already been stored in the country’s gas storage facilities.

The Ukrainian press also reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had called on Russian Gazprom to continue to supply gas through Ukraine in accordance with the agreement.

Meanwhile, contrary to a previous statement by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smihal that Ukraine will not buy more gas from Russia, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Olga Stefanyisina Freedom for Radio he said he needed to start negotiations with Moscow on the next gas deal.

The current gas agreement with Russia is based on European standards, and we must negotiate with Moscow, as we must conclude a new agreement, but only in accordance with European rules.

Olga Stefanisina said.

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