Index - Abroad - Ukraine would buy gas from Slovakia

Ukraine would increase security of gas supply in the country by purchasing gas from Slovakia. Olga Belkova, director of the institution of relations with state bodies and international organizations of the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTSZ), said that the opportunity was raised by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

According to Olga Belkova, if Ukraine buys natural gas from the European Union, including Slovakia, the Ukrainian gas supply system would be integrated into the EU gas market. According to the Ukrainian expert, the Ukrainian-Slovak gas pipeline is currently the most important in the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe, writes Carpathian news.

Belkova believes that Ukraine is interested in becoming more deeply involved in the Slovak gas market and increasing the so-called reverse, i.e. reverse, transportation from Slovakia to Ukraine. The EU is helping Kiev with this.

As previously reported, the situation in Ukraine is getting worse due to the winter gas supply. Several economic news portals have reported that not enough gas is stored in the reservoirs for the heating season. Economicskaya Provda wrote that 15 billion cubic meters of gas are stored in the country instead of the required 19 billion, while Slovo i Dilo reported that the eastern and southern counties of Ukraine may be left without gas supplies in the middle of winter due to the disruption of transit transport.

Meanwhile, the Transcarpathian press reported that the heating of public institutions in the county, which is also inhabited by Hungarians, was in danger, as the service providers with whom these institutions had contracts canceled contracts one after the other because they could only get gas from the market so expensive. adhere to their prior agreements. THE Carpathian news according to the presidential office later refuted the news. Kirilo Tymoshenko, the first deputy head of the presidential office, said the panic was unfounded. As he said, the reservoirs have ample reserves for both the population and public institutions.

Contrary to the news, the Ukrainian state continues to claim there is no problem with the country’s gas supply. In one of his interviews, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smihal said that 18.7 billion cubic meters of gas have already been stored in Ukrainian gas storage facilities, and Ukraine also has its own gas production, so there is no problem with winter gas supplies. The prime minister added: Ukraine is unwilling to buy gas from Russia. THEz According to Olga Stefanyisina, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Processes, energy should be negotiated with Moscow.

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