Index - Abroad - Vera Jourová: European Union cannot tolerate political pressure on Polish media

The European Union cannot tolerate political pressure on the Polish media, EU Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency Vera Jourová said in a European Parliament plenary debate on the rule of law in Poland on Wednesday.

Vera Jourová emphasized that democracy would also be jeopardized if there was no media freedom, no media pluralism, in a Member State. As he said, the comments on the 2021 rule of law report on the Polish media market, media authority and the safety of journalists are a matter of concern, the MTI reported on the debate.

We fear that the “re-enactment” of the media will run counter to our EU values ​​as well as internal market rules.

He pointed out. According to the Commissioner, the adoption of the new draft amendment to the Polish media law will raise even more concerns about the Polish rule of law. He added that the European Commission is working on a law that will allow action to be taken against those who threaten media freedom.

Ms Jourová recalled the situation in the Polish judiciary: the European Commission had asked Poland to impose a fine on the European Court of Justice until the Warsaw leadership suspended the operation of the Supreme Court’s disciplinary chamber. This was previously ordered by the EU judiciary, but the committee’s opinion, the Polish government, did not comply with this. He pointed out that the rulings of the European Court of Justice are binding on Poland and all other EU Member States.

In his speech, Balázs Hidvéghi, MEP of Fidesz, said:

This debate is another example of the EP misinterpreting its own role and once again playing a political court demanding sanctions.

As he said, the EU legislature always finds an excuse to attack those who disagree in the name of diversity and acceptance.

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