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A man with a hammer in the Westminster district on Wednesday afternoon struck a statue adorning the BBC’s central editorial office. BBC. Prospero and Ariel has been adorning the British public service building since 1933.

The creator of the work, Eric Gill, has long been at the center of social debate as he wrote about the sexual abuse of his little girls.

Several groups (including QAnon container believers) have already campaigned to remove the work, with the rogue man shouting, “Pedophile!” The man was eventually taken off the building by firefighters and was arrested by police after being examined by paramedics.

This article is about sexual abuse. Please also read our article on this!

If you or a friend is abused in your relationship, or if you think someone has been trafficked, call the National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service on freephone 06 (80) 20-55-20 from within the country.

The NANE Association’s helpline for abused women and children can be called free of charge on 06 (80) 505-101 every weekday from 6 pm to 10 pm, except on Wednesdays.

(Cover image: A man with a hammer tries to damage Eric Gill’s statue at BBC Broadcasting House on 12 January 2022 in London. Photo: Leon Neal / Getty Images)

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