Index - Culture - A record HUF 4.3 billion was paid for Albert Einstein's manuscript

Albert Einstein’s rare manuscript preparing the general theory of relativity was sold in Paris on Tuesday at a record price of 11.6 million euros.

Christie’s auction house has already predicted that this is Einstein’s most valuable manuscript to be auctioned, compared to a knockdown price of just € 2-3 million. The 54-page work was written by the German theoretical physicist in Zurich in 1913 and 1914 with Michele Besso, thanks to whom the manuscript was preserved, as Einstein presumably would not have preserved it.

Einstein set up the formula E = mc2 in 1905 and then began to deal with the theory of relativity in general. The manuscript contains a number of small errors when Einstein noticed them, did not deal with them further, so Besso took the document with him.

According to the Paris Auction House, the pre-1919 Einstein manuscript is extremely rare, as evidenced by the fact that the highest amount ever paid for it, the peak so far, was paid for a reflection on God in 2018, € 2.4 million (888.8 million forints).


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