Index - Culture - Barbara Palvin becomes a mutant in a sectarian horror

Czech director Eva Doležalová starred in Barbara Palvin’s short horror film. The film, made with the Hungarian star model, will be screened at the Mammoth Film Festival in 2018, writes Variety. The five-day festival showcases the work of independent filmmakers, actors, directors, writers and producers.

Not much is known about the film starring Barbara Palvin yet. THE Fesno 24 according to the plot will focus on a sect that manages to create a snake-man hybrid species. Barbara Palvin will play such a hybrid in the film.

One of the fans ’pages on the model featured several footage of the film.

Barbara Palvin had previously starred in 2014 alongside Dwayne Johnson in the film Hercules, directed by Brett Ratner. He was given the role of Antimakhé in the film. In addition, in the pandemic thriller Tyger Tyger, which debuted in 2021, he played the role of Eczema.

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