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Pál Mácsai talks to Békés Italo, who is “running” towards his 95th birthday, on the stage of Örkény on January 24. The Kossuth Prize-winning actress gave memorable passion tricks in Body and Soul.

How did I become anyone? – gave this title to Békés Itala’s autobiography written many years ago. Only someone who can afford such an address can afford it. And not just anyone, writes the Örkény István Theater in the program guide. His peaceful drink saw everything. And everyone. He’s been on stage for 75 years. Witness: Not just theater. Systems, isms, colleagues, ups and downs. His eyes are sharp, his judgment clear, his humor intersecting.

“A long and immaculate life is his, an irregular personality, an extraordinary one whose optics are incredibly sharp, his memories are clear, his lessons sarcastic, fun and wise”

– says Pál Mácsai in the video below, who will talk to the Kossuth Prize-winning actress on the main stage of Örkény on January 24 at 7 p.m. How did I become anyone? Tell me, Itala with the title.

For millennia, human knowledge has been inherited so that the great old men sat down and told us about what they saw. Békés Itala will pull out her old drawers tonight and take out her old photos. While we talk about these, the theater writes, we understand that while you’re talking about the past, you’re really only interested in the present – and even more so in the future.

Ildikó Enyedi Békés Itala was nominated for an Oscar About body and soul She recently made a memorable one for the general public: in the role of Alexandra Barber, who played the role of a tiny little cleaning lady, played by Alexandra, she flashed her humor, style and acting greatness in an overwhelming scene.

(Cover image: Békés Itala. Photo: Zih Zsolt / MTI)

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