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The dream of Attila Dargay, the creator of Matyi Lúdas, Vuk and Szaffi, among others, comes true 50 years ago with the completion of the adaptation of Mihály Vörösmarty’s classic Csongor and Tünde. Processing ran into obstacles in the 1970s, so the idea remained in the drawer. The large-scale design was revived by Cinemon Entertainment’s creative team, who will use Dargay’s character designs and full-screen script for the upcoming movie.

The film will be made with the participation of Henrik Irén, co-creator of Attila Dargay, who entrusted the implementation to the Cinemon studio. Following the spirit of Dargay, the creators undertake to address today’s audience, especially children.

The protagonists of the first narrator of the fairy tale film are the original figures of the devil chicks – Berreh, Kurrah and Duzzog – Attila Dargay, who preserve the style of the director’s legend. In the video just released, predecessor Álmos leads the story. The undisguised goal of the creators is to bring the cartoon as close as possible to the world of Dargay and to get as many people as possible to film again.

Dargay used the original text of Mihály Vörösmarty’s poem for the storyboard, but dramatically changed it in many places to bring the story closer to the audience.

I feel like we’re filling a gap and I’m not afraid of the big word, we’re on a cultural mission when we make Vörösmarty’s not-so-easy-to-understand masterpiece with rich symbolism available to millions by making the film. The toolbox of the animated film is now infinitely rich, and we now have the opportunity to realize it. ” – summed up Attila Dargay in the 80’s and even before his death said “I hope that one day my dream will come true.

The director of the cartoon made with the traditional 2D animation technique is Csaba Máli, one of the last students of Dargay and Zsolt Pálfi (The Adventures of King Solomon). Csongor and Tünde will be made with the support of the Film Institute for HUF 570 million based on the script of Krisztián Balassa, and it is planned to be shown in cinemas in the autumn of 2024.

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