Index - Culture - Erotica and Feminism Served by an American Photographer Woman

It is organized annually by the Association of Hungarian Photographers Photo month the most comprehensive and richest series of events in Hungarian photo culture. The main exhibition of the festival, the Mai Manó House, will once again feature the works of an iconic photographer: the Black Light exhibition features 120 photographs by Margaret Watkins, taken between 1914 and 1939.

Margaret Watkins (1884–1969), of Canadian descent, is considered one of the innovators of advertising photography. He was a real rebel, a rejector of tradition. She ran a successful career at an age when women mostly stayed home. Eroticism and feminism are recurring elements in his art and writings.

The current exhibition features transitions between the genres of painting and modernist photographic history between the two world wars, portraits and landscapes, modern still lifes and street scenes, commercials and works of applied art alike.

Together with this presentation, Photo Month offers about 35 exhibitions and a number of side events this year. In addition to the exhibitions, guided tours and professional presentations throughout the country fill the period from mid-October to the end of November.

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