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If only for one night and only for the duration of a song, but Gabi Tóth will take out his rock face again. The singer will perform at the Tankcsapda concert on October 15, at the closing party of the band’s three-decade concert series, in Budapest Park. From a Facebook event description.

He will not be the only one to host the party in the Debrecen band: Feró Nagy, Köteles Leander and Kowalsky will also grab a microphone in the evening.

The ‘outsiders’ were not randomly selected, who will be there, almost all of whom contributed to one of the most special publications of the third decade of the Tank Trap oeuvre – the Process it! is a double album, on one disc of which other performers sing the songs of Tank Trap in their own interpretation, while on the other the rockers perform songs written by other bands.

The double album, which was also reported by Index at the time, featured artists such as Majka and Curtis, Ákos, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pennhurst or Magna Cum Laude, and rockers from Beatrice, Aurora, they processed a song from Omega and Edda, respectively.

Among the musicians who can be associated with the publication at the Friday party will be Feró Nagy, Leander Köteles, Gyula Balázs “Kowalsky”, Csaba “Jimmy” Szórád, Róbert Vidák “More”, Pista Busa (Irie Maffia), Zoltán Farkas (Ektomorf) and Gabi Tóth , who has been much talked about lately because of his change of style. For those who have endured rocker Gabit, Friday’s party will be a gift where it’s most likely to be Give the sky will perform a song entitled Tank Trap – a Process it! He sang that on the album.

This song is about:

And so it sounds in Gabi Tóth’s version:

The concert kicks off at 8pm on Friday night, preceded by a USEME team warming up the audience.

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