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Crazy, clicking chick, romantic, naive girl, bloody teen struggling with mood swings, attractive woman of doom, rapper girlfriend, big-mouthed chick. Although Brittany Murphy was only 32 years old, she was able to show off her talent by hiding in countless characters, and the most diverse roles were held together by one thing; a person who can also be loved through canvas.

The deer-eyed Hollywood star collapsed in the shower with her husband in 2009 in their shared home, and only vague information about the cause of his death has been revealed to this day.

A “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” The documentary, HBO Max, will be available from October 14. Its creators promise to reveal more details about the mysterious death, of which we have so much information to date that pneumonia and a deadly combination of prescription drugs or anemia can do so.

But there were several factors in the background that have provided sufficient reason for speculation ever since. Brittany Murphy’s father never rested on her daughter’s death, a natural reaction from a parent, but her arguments were picked up by others. Among other things, Angelo Bertolotti wondered how the actress’s infection could have reached such an advanced state. How was his chronic iron deficiency not treated? The result of a lab test ordered by her father revealed the presence of ten different potentially toxic heavy metals in the actress’s hair sample, which Bertolotti suspected of poisoning.

Brittany Murphy met her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, in 2006. The British man was struggling financially, was known to have a problematic relationship in the past, and had regular clashes with the immigration office, as well as suspected embezzlement and credit card fraud. Murphy and Monjack lived in seclusion, their friends said they had met almost no one that had not been typical of the actress before. For many, Murphy’s withdrawal from the world is also suspicious.

Adding to the mystery, Simon Monjack also died five months after his wife’s death. The official cause of his death was also pneumonia and drug overdose.

Brittany Murphy was one of the most brilliant talents of her age. There were countless emotions behind the eyes of her huge deer, she could act like a flirtatious little girl and exist as a young woman fleeing growing up at the same time, but when it came, she condensed the tragedy of three lives into one glance. Murphy excelled with his talent for the first time in the 1995 film Spiners, where the protagonist played Cher (Alicia Silverstone) ‘s girlfriend. She then starred alongside Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder in Loss, on Eminem’s side in 8 Miles, in the Big Dumy Babes, where she was partner with nine-year-old Dakota Fanning. He has turned in several romantic comedies, such as Ashton Kutcher in The Trial, but was also featured in one of the most iconic comic book adaptations of the 2000s, Sin City.

His life, marriage, and death left many open questions. The documentary promises answers to some of them.

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