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2021.10.13. 19:59

On Wednesdays from eight in the evening, Márk Lakatos and the Index’s new talk and gastronomic program can be seen. The introductory part includes lamb ribs, recycled potatoes, as well as three drug users: Márk Lakatos, Gusztáv Dietz, Zsolt Nagy, and a professional world mechanic – Áron Molnár noÁr. Addiction plays a major role.

The new online format of stylist and media polyhistor Márk Lakatos – a Kitchen language – appears on the Index every Wednesday.

We discuss important, provocative, socially valid, spicy, slippery, so in any sense exciting topics in the language of the kitchen, ie based on our own knowledge, at a set table

– summarizes the essence of the show Márk Lakatos.

In the introductory episode, Jamie Oliver of the Hungarian fashion world talks to two actors – Zsolt Nagy and Áron Molnár – and a retired cage fighter, Gusztáv Dietz.

The menu is put together by you, but each participant sends you a special ingredient that you must use. Of course, Mark’s design welding goggles will not be humid due to the excitement, he plays with ease and harmonizes the spicy surprises with his own recipe. It also shows how you prepare the main course and then, when the guests arrive, the storytelling and conversation begin, and after a while the discussion.

Click and watch the conversation! Dinner will include:

  • What did Zsolt Nagy sniff instead of cocaine a Nosedive and how he talks to his big son about his alcohol addiction.
  • Gusztáv Dietz starts with a memory of a grassy Danube evening, when the police officer did not mind that he smoked on his grief. We find out how the athlete reacted to several near-death experiences.
  • The story of Áron Molnár includes the magic mushroom, an alternative nightclub, and innocent innocence. And then they kick the dust very hard. But what about mechanizing world-saving plans?
  • Mark Lakatos recalls a scene from the era of the drag queen in Madrid, in which a ten-inch stiletto heel and Pedro Almodóvar appear. It provokes a great controversy when Mark questions that the Toxicoma whether the film deters young people from drug use.

If you are also wondering what Zsolt Nagy and Áron Molnár jumped together, and what kind of tale he wrote after dinner about the adventures of the four satiated characters Lócitromka and Batyubetyár, click and see!

Every Wednesday night comes a new episode of Kitchen tongue, in it with provocative, valid and spicy themes. Stay with us at the set table next week as well!

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