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With Daredeville and others at Netflix, Marvel Television once got together to put comic characters on the screen (mostly for fun) and eventually feature them in a joint series. They tried to do something similar on an American streaming service called Hulu, only this time with anti-heroes. But, two of the four animated series were mowed down and the Marvel TV was flattened and fused into the Marvel Studios run by Kevin Feige.

We can’t complain, of course, because Marvel Studios has been dazzling audiences with great titles like 23 Emmy-nominated WandaVision and the critically acclaimed Loki ever since.

In fact, let’s say something else. Marvel Studios does even better with animated series – and what we mean by What If …? – than Marvel Television did that year. Why? As mentioned at the beginning, two of the four productions coming to Hulura were successfully mowed. But the rest were in such an advanced state that they were rather introduced. In May, MODOK had a good time with stop-motion and the time travel theme, and it was terribly humorous compared to comedy. And the ten-part Hit-Monkey, unveiled on November 17, would smoothly pocket the title of the strangest TV series of the year at any gala.

Hit-Monkey, as the title suggests, is about a monkey. The basic story, however, is not that simple. The first part starts with a failed assassination that a guy named Bryce McHenry tries to bring under the roof. He also cuts the target, but in the end, the principal catches himself, betrays Bryce and tries to kill him. The protagonist escapes, but after being held behind the god, he collapses wearily in the mountains. Then you will find a team of Japanese macaques.

Bryce, voiced by Hangover star Jason Sudeikis, spat at Archer. He is lazy, has a big mouth, protects and does not despise women. The oddities start pouring on us after about 10 minutes. First, we see the monkeys arguing with each other about what to do with the intruder.

And the macaques were subtitled by the makers of the series so that we can understand, as they say.

Then come the bad guys who are chasing Bryce. They slaughter all but one of the monkeys, as well as the assassin. And that one macaque only survives because he noticed the movements of Bryce, who had been practicing before, so he was able to strike back and shoot the mercenaries. Hit-Monkey then sets out to take revenge on anyone who had anything to do with the death of his herd, and finds an unexpected companion in this. Bryce’s ghost seems to be connected to him for some reason, so the man begins to mentor the novice killer from the afterlife.

Such a bloody Marvel series has never been made

In the first two episodes of Hit-Monkey, blood splatters roughly. For humor and violence, Marvel TV tried to build this production, but in spite of even a truncated scene, somehow the whole thing doesn’t come together. The initial tragedy simply doesn’t pull a man in, we can’t get excited about this bloodthirsty monkey and the annoying spirit salted in his neck to get to the finish line.

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It’s a series that’s completely redundant. We would have been without him and we wouldn’t have had a sense of lack if left deep in the desk. Obviously, once money has been put into it, it has been presented, but the finished season will be good to show off to posterity at most:

Boys, girls … so don’t make a comic book adaptation.

The assassin monkey would have had the potential on paper, and the animation is beautiful in places, Tokyo, floating in the neon light, looks amazingly on the screen, but the content is missing from behind. Hit-Monkey made his debut in the Marvel comics in 2010, the protagonist hooking his mustache with superheroes like Spiderman. It is telling that once in the booklets, the netweader arriving at the scene of a massacre thought Deadpool was the perpetrator.

Deadpool is at least as infantile, outrageous, and bloodthirsty as Hit-Monkey, but the films about the mutant have still been made to be enjoyed by a wider audience. The same cannot be said of Hit-Monkey.

If you want to watch an animated series with an imaginative and deeper message from Marvel, take a look at What If … ?. Disney +’s novelty this year lacks violence, but at least it’s fun.

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