Index - Culture - Mel Gibson reflected on the work of Ferenc Liszt

The long-time reflection on the work of Ferenc Liszt is the American actor Mel Gibson, who knows a lot about the world-famous composer, said Csaba Káel, the government commissioner responsible for the development of the motion picture industry Information radioson.

Csaba Káel reported to the radio that the second part of the Dune will be shot in Hungary next year.

Hungary is one of the most serious film production bases in Europe, and I jokingly say that Dolce Vita has moved here, as Rome boasted this title in the 1960s, where large international productions were made, including Federico Fellini. The glory praises the collective work of the twenty thousand people working in the sector

– said the government commissioner. He added that this year Hungarian film is 120 years old, which is also bound by its tradition, on which the film industry of Hungary is also based.

Our locations are wonderful, we have state-of-the-art studios, coupled with up-to-date expertise and a state-provided film tax credit that attracts foreign productions.

– added Csaba Káel, according to whom Budapest did not close down during the epidemic from a cinematic point of view.

As stated, it is attractive for all the stars shooting in Budapest this year that they can live in the city center during the filming, and there is not as much madness around them as in Hollywood, and any filming location can be reached in 20 minutes from their place of residence.

Earlier, Index also reported that Mel Gibson was shooting his latest series, The Continental series, which was the prelude to the John Wick films in Budapest.

Mel Gibson later found out that he was walking the streets of Budapest without bodyguards.

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