Index - Culture - The story about the first Hungarian cookbook could not be more tragic

Pierre comes up with a story again, but one that no one else could have done but with it. Anyone who wouldn’t know now admits that wherever he ate anything, he never longed for quantity but for quality, and that hasn’t changed today.

Today, he talks about the domestication of breakfast and lunch, about brunch, and if we take it well out of his words, and it would be a good thing about it, we would have mentioned it in the Hungarian language for a long time.

Obviously, we’re not surprised Pierre wants to patent the rebound, but we support it to the fullest. For what can be translated from English must be understood and interpreted by all those living in the Carpathian Basin. Language innovators have tried the same thing, because what was a cold lick, for example, is now ice cream, that is, what is still brunch today could be smooth in the future.

Now that we’ve exhausted this issue and are cheering for the translation, it’s worth listening to Pierre’s podcast performance because it shows why it makes sense when breakfast and lunch meet halfway. In the story, Pierre also arrives in Poland …

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