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P + R – Teacher and Radnóti. Radnóti is an important “parking lot” for teachers, as one of its goals is to strengthen the relationship between teachers and the theater and to help get the multi-stage program to as many classes as possible.

“The topic of school bullying is not a game,” say the organizers of the P + R workshop. “Yet through play, drama pedagogy and socio-dramatic forms, it is possible to provide students with ways to connect that form the basis of common thinking about the topic of bullying.”

At Radnóti’s next P + R workshop a Gina Preliminary sessions with teachers related to the lecture entitled “for school groups” will be tried out:

they examine different group dynamics situations as a fictitious class in a fictitious high school.

They play and talk together about the role system that surrounds school bullying, what the motives of each actor might be, what can help in such a situation.

The author and director of the performance is Mihály Schwechtje, who is known to the audience as a film director: in 2018, his first feature film, I Hope You Will Die Next Time, dealing with the harassment of teenagers on the Internet, won the Best Screenplay and Best First Film award of the Hungarian Film Critics Association. Mihály Schwechtje worked at Radnóti using his own method: he wrote the textbook in collaboration with the actors during the rehearsal process, based on their improvisations.

There is nothing wrong with the Boros family in the countryside: people who follow a consolidated, intellectual, vegan diet, even if in today’s Hungary they can only thrive according to the rules of the game. One night, when they invite their former friend, a water polo coach who has since become influential, over for dinner, their story takes an unexpected turn.

In the middle of the night, a detective sets up for them and reports that the boys, and with him the entire water polo team, have been arrested in a case of abuse of a minor girl.

In the small town, everyone soon becomes aware of the incident, and parents start fighting to protect their sons. However, public opinion is not ruthless – with anyone. Throughout the story of sin and responsibility, we can follow how family members face each other in this extreme life situation, and ultimately themselves. The play features Orsolya Török-Illyés, Zsolt László, Márk Nagy, Zoltán Schneider, Márta Martin, Andrea Kiss from Moldova, Lujza Hajdu and Lilla Kizlinger.

Those interested are welcome to the Keres Emil rehearsal room on January 22nd. The event is free, but registration is required.

(Cover image: The building of the Radnóti Miklós Theater is located in the VI. district, 11 Nagymező Street. Photo: Csaba Jászai / MTI)

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