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The most brilliant advertising pull of the year. Forget the creative, let’s look at the idea!

The basis of Nespresso’s campaign strategy is George Clooney and as “Nespresso. What else? ” (Nespresso. What else?) Says a slogan at the end of every movie – it has long since burned into our brains. Plus, they make funny movies with it, real oldschool creatives with idea, story, character and self-irony, in a word, everything we love about commercials.

This significantly increases the brand value of Nespresso, and with all the sustainability concerns, Nespresso can only be loved for half its taste. The other half is George Clooney and his commercials.

By comparison, everyone is only second. He is the thirteenth. Twenty-second. One hundredth. Yet there are good coffees on the market. Still, due to Clooney, Nespresso is distracting.

“De’Longhi? What is that? Any coffee? Yeah … that kind of thing, supposedly delicious, it doesn’t matter, it’s like Nespresso. ”

Somehow we imagine it from the mouths of consumers. Really, what is De’Longhi? Any discounted coffee maker or overpriced coffee or which one?


So far.

The biggest draw I’ve ever invented at the marketing level is to buy a story. What’s the story? Brad Pitt and George Clooney are national buddies. George Clooney pulled up the Nespresso, okay, we know that … How can we get on this race track?

Yes. They bought Brad Pitt. Let’s fight friends. Fight it. Two coffee faces for two brands, against each other. Let’s jump at each other in the media reality and see who the viewers and consumers stand by.

Too bad it didn’t occur to me.

Brilliant idea. From now on, it doesn’t matter what kind of movie you’re shooting. Plenty of ideas: Brad Pitt with De’Longhi. That’s it.

And who is good for? To the consumer by all means: there’s another coffee brand that puts itself where Nespresso is and claims its quality is competitive. So there is something to choose from. We are talking about two brands, so it can even be noted. De’Longhi is also good, as he has taken a simple pull onto the track where Nespresso has played alone so far and no one else has been able to get alongside him.

And the joke is that this is good even for Nespresso. If not for them the best. They have a face, a bunch of better-than-better movies, but viewers may be used to it all. So here’s another twist that will bring more excitement.

Because the two best play. It’s like the BL final: both the winner and the loser win.

Anyway, the Pitt-De’Longhi film, despite not being a funny breed, is a man-character café racer engine nicely matched in style and atmosphere, urban nomadic macho style, lone wolf travels in the sunset scenario with completely authentic positioning. It’s all in one. With a beauty flaw: drinking a facial dop in such a face, not a cappuccino. But it doesn’t matter now. From now on, you could also drink Good Night Tea Blend.

(Cover photo by Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Photo: Gregg DeGuire / J. Merritt / WireImage / Getty Images)

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