If the kingdom has not yet returned, what is delayed will not pass, in the meantime there will be a rebuilt General Guard Palace and an exhibition of the former bodyguard. The Hungarian Royal Piece Bodyguard, founded in 1904, was mostly a tourist attraction in the period between the two wars, as well as a tourist attraction, the ceremony, the ornate uniforms, the bachelors and the change of guard; especially the. No one has yet asked what these deli lads ate during the day.

I thought I’d go after it. Of course, I didn’t get much, but I tasted the offer of the bistro-café in the building of the Main Guard.

A very massive building, apparently robust due to its function, is home to a bistro called the Guard. Spacious room that gives the impression of sunshine even in cloudy weather. The cafeteria’s tonet chairs, the bright sofas along the wall evoke the atmosphere of peace between the two wars. The huge photos literally looking down on the ceiling are mostly projections of the bodyguard museum, which otherwise processes the history of the bodyguard. It is unusual to view these photo enlargements as a ceiling “fresco” with the head raised. There are also numerous photographs on the walls evoking the history of the bodyguard, perhaps a mile more than would be justified in a bistro. But obviously the spirit of the place wants that.

In a culinary sense, I’m studying a slightly eclectic menu, trying to associate it with the atmosphere dictated by the place, the evoked times of peace, say how good a calf fry or stuffed puff, maybe pike, but suitable production.

But if I disregard these — since I’d still be local — I manage to pick a seemingly exciting lineup. Knowing that I’m a Caesar salad maniac, i.e. Caesaromaniac, I can’t miss it by any means, although I can’t imagine the bodyguards ever eating something like this, but to excuse me, I’m not a bodyguard either. I admit that there is no tourist destination today without this internationally embedded catch. A stranger who came from afar comes in, and even if he is open to new tastes and food, but the mindless, many Brutus, would still be insecure, then there is the Caesar, there can be no problem with that.

My caesar has an encouraging look, on the one hand fresh, young, small leaves sprinkled with an abundant amount of dressing, strong seed mustard dominance, spectacularly many parmesan, the dressing is slightly different from a more traditional, salty version, but still characteristic. On the other hand. The toasted bread cubes were not forgotten either.

The sandwich trio catches my eye. Smoked ham, eggplant cream, goat cheese. Where I’ve eaten so far, there has always been disappointment, as if I had completely forgotten the open-aired sandwiches of the old good times, made of real bread, nothing to beautify, it didn’t matter on the outside, but the fresh bread, no problem if sliced ​​a little thick, packed well just on topical condition, not sparing with butter underneath. I remarked that it was open because that was the only way to distinguish it from the overwhelming flood of Americanized sandwiches. Viva, open sandwich!

Let’s see: it is a good start that these are not particularly beautiful either, but to my greatest surprise, the topping is not on some scattered sandwich bread, but on real sourdough house bread, buttered a lot, as if it were just made at home. The eggplant cream is smoky, tasty, the ham is decent, it could even be mangalica, but let it be my mania, and the goat cheese, chives are brutally good, I even forgive the pea shoot because it doesn’t hit the goat cheese.

Encouraged by this, I ask for a vegan catch because my experience is that today’s kitchens are neither very strong nor very creative in this genre. Homemade chickpeas with eggplant cream crispy. It might have been easier to write that it is humus, eggplant, lentil crunchy, because that’s what it’s all about here, and I’m honestly surprised because I didn’t expect such a compact little taste bomb, which is what crunchy does and anyway, namely in humus tasted by Roman cumin and the chives found in the strongly smoky eggplant. He also has cuppans.

In a spinach cream soup with fur bread or goulash soup dilemma, I clearly opt for spinach cream soup. This dish that evokes reminiscences in the brewery is very relevant, finally something peaceful. Furry bread is basically unparalleled, but it seems to have no place in overbearing gastronomy. That’s why I’m glad someone has finally embraced this stepfather’s food. I remember it was really good to be thickly caught in the egg, it’s more elegant here, but that’s what it is. Spinach brings a pleasant greenish-bitter taste to spinach, although I feel it has been tamed with some cream. I wouldn’t.

I don’t know what the food is labeled M.69, but the description shows that “crispy pork knuckle on a saber edge, with roasted potatoes, homemade marmalade”. Well, gentleman, in normal mode, I shy away from catches like this, because while it suggests some traditional approach, I still feel kitschy, and often tourist, I might say it can be seen as peasant blindness. As I see it, I’m insecure, it’s mostly due to the fact that the knuckle is impeccable in sight. The hussar saber, forged to a shorter size for this purpose, is quickly taken out of the picture, leaving the food. I rarely eat knuckles, not as if I don’t want to, on the contrary, but I choose where because I don’t want to be disappointed. I still see him with some suspicion. I can’t believe my eyes, my number, I had to come to the High Guard to get a lesson in knuckle making. Twelve hours of slow baking at 80 degrees Celsius brought the result: perfectly crisp skin, no rubberiness, softly crumbling, juicy flesh, I can’t win stuffing into my cheek. They can also give me a saber, the point is that the shank is impeccable, the size is ideal, it’s worth a bend, I wouldn’t miss it.

The emperor crumb bitang is a big bodyguard, half for me would have been enough. Interestingly, in addition to fruit jam, there is also vanilla. Where the roasted crumbs mix well with the softer ones, the preparation works well, the vanilla grower could be bolder, but the whole thing brings the average.

All that is, as I mentioned, that it is worth visiting a larger bend, the easiest way, without any faxes, to be approached by an elevator from Palota út.

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