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The pre-selection a few weeks ago was scandalous, with last Saturday night’s show “merely” bored with a few refreshing moments to barely name.

While the Ultrasound show was a telegram in the ’90s, which was at least good as background noise for a family conversation about Etus or Ábel Anita, it seems that since the 2010s, talent-seeking horrors have taken over the role of the art fireplace. with projected fire. A plethora of uninteresting productions, with jury members called mentors, an uncharacteristic presenter. And of course crappy music. The artificial fireplace was at least quiet, meanwhile feel free to put in the wash.

A trio called The Harmonies is the lead, almost teens pleasing charm, please the following category. The next Mardoll, whose neither cleavage nor wig can be called discreet, performs an incomprehensible production in which writhing plays a greater role than either music or dance. Adél Csobot also has a hard time identifying with the genre he leads, but he appreciates the show.

Regina Martina Nagy You are not Nero, you are not an emperor, her production of Marika Késmárky, a dance singer who moved to the FRG in 1969, is the first in the show that you can watch.

It doesn’t show that he’s never been in town before in his life, but the fact that the youngest in the show, only 14 years old, yes, his ashes, his charm, his childhood are captivating. There is no manners in it. He is applauded by the jury.

Then the seat reservation will begin

The ensuing production is forgettable, although there are still eight left in the chair that the audience can still turn over.

Then comes a Modern Talking song (You’re my heart, you’re my soul) – in a weak aftermath. Yet a hit not worth a fortune in the 80s meant something only to musically lost teens.

A young man named Marci, he is not bad, he is almost a child, gets the last chair, from here the audience gets into the game, if you want to put someone down, someone else has to stand up.

Paulina Kocsis, who arrives with her own song, is the first to get a chair to be voted out. The lowest number of votes will go to the starting trio, The Harmonies, who will be in the danger zone.

Kamilla Ferenczi from Transylvania also brings her private life crisis to the show, which obviously doesn’t interest anyone. We would have looked good if Edith Piaf had performed at every Olympia concert to see which love she was ruining. But he was there in his songs. Love grief here or there, unfortunately this production doesn’t work either, so it doesn’t show up anymore. It would show up if you succeeded. Maybe that’s why Gáspár Laci likes it. As is the whole jury. Chamomile’s chair goes to Mardolle.

Alee, a 16-year-old from a poor family, is delighted that the fridge is full and that the X-Factor apartment even has an electrical outlet. We are also happy about this, we will not remember the rap production for a long time, despite the fact that he also wrote the music and the lyrics. Or maybe just for that.

Unfortunately, he sends the best of the show, Regina the Great, into the danger zone.

Neóra Flóra from Tabatabai has released a record at the age of nine, performing at the National Theater, but according to her own confession, she has not yet found it. Well, really, I have a little more to look for. This is how the jury sees it in unison, yet he gets a chair, so the chastised Camilla has to leave.

The audience also saved four contestants in the final race: The Harmonies, Regina the Great, Mardoll and Kamilla Ferenczi.

The show is over, so much mental turbulence would have been produced by the centrifugal noise. I’m still listening to a little László Aradszky and Záray-Vámos – out of self-diligence.


(Cover image: Gábor Szabó / RTL Club / Press Club)

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