Index - Domestic - 25 people have already frozen in Hungary, although the winter has not yet begun

Between the beginning of October and the middle of November, 25 people died of frostbite in Hungary – the Hungarian Social Forum ( MSZF).

The majority of the deceased were elderly, lonely, sick people, and they cooled down fatally in unheated apartments or after being taken to hospital because they could no longer help them. However, it is not just the elderly who are among the victims of frostbite, he said human rights organization .

The MSZF drew the attention of the population to the fact that lives can be saved by paying attention and helping.

In the field of saving lives, people have a particularly great responsibility in circumstances where the social system is neglected by the state and the homeless are still not provided with social rental housing.

– state in their communication.

The death of frost also captivated those who spent the night in the open air at temperatures near 0 degrees. The organization pointed out: no minuses are needed for someone to cool down fatally. Enough plus 5 Even 10 degrees for a debilitated, elderly, sick person to make their condition irreversible.

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