Index - Domestic - 52,000 vaccinations have already been given on vaccination buses

Szilárd Németh pointed out that since these are mostly small villages and sack villages that are difficult to reach, where the population is less mobile than in the cities, the Hungarian army also performed a huge task in this area. People came to Sóshartyán, a village close to Salgótarján, with about 900 inhabitants, to receive the first, second or third vaccination.

The army fire buses have been operating for ten months, on March 27 last year they worked for the first time in the Women’s Tent of Nógrád County.

The Secretary of Defense said at a press conference at the vaccination site that the Army has five vaccination buses; Vaccination buses are running for the ninth time in Nógrád county, and on Saturday residents of nine settlements can get vaccinations in Sóshartyán. Németh

Szilárd Németh emphasized that the vaccination rate was 60 percent in Nógrád and over 70 percent in Sóshartyán.

The data show that far fewer people are infected here, and those who become infected survive the disease much more easily. A vaccine can supply 150-160 people a day, and the army vaccine arrived in Sóshartyán with 180 doses of vaccine.

– the Secretary of State for Defense provided information.

There are six to ten people on duty on each bus, including a doctor driving a vaccination, a medical soldier, nurses, an ambulance officer and an administrator. Szilárd Németh thanked everyone who took part in organizing the vaccinations and expressed his appreciation to the Hungarian soldiers and soldiers who had served both at hospital vaccination points and at the borders.

Zsolt Becsó (Fidesz-KDNP), a member of parliament in the region, called the good news that 108,000 people had been vaccinated in Nógrád, bringing the county’s data closer to the national average.

At the same time, Zsolt Becsó also indicated that it would be timely for 39,000 people in the county to have a booster vaccination, but an even bigger problem is that there are 8,000 citizens over the age of 60 who have not even taken the first vaccination.

Since vaccination alone can provide protection against the virus, it also asks everyone in Nógrád County to take advantage of this opportunity.

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