Index - Domestic - According to half of the people of Józerfváros, district corruption has not changed

A VIII. district government these days disclosed the results of the representative research carried out by TÁRKI, which reflects the opinion of the residents of Józsefváros on the quality of various public services, the retention capacity of the district, the order of importance of planned changes and developments, parking and local (information) media.

The study shows that

nearly half of Józsefváros residents would consider moving out of the district. More than a quarter of respondents (27%) would move if they had the opportunity, and a fifth (20.6%) would have thought about it. Overall, the narrow majority of district residents (52.2%) would not move.

Barely András Pikó about this year wrotethat corruption is expensive is not the job of local governments. On his community side, he listed what measures he had taken as the district leader to stop the outflow of public funds. In the light of all this, it is surprising that, according to TÁRKI,

two years after the municipal elections, the VIII. those living in the district consider the left-wing city leadership to be just as corrupt as its right-wing predecessor.

According to 49.5 percent of respondents, corruption did not change, 32.9 percent even worsened, and only 17.6 percent said it had improved. The research emphasizes that this question had a high proportion (33.2 percent) of those who could not answer the question.

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