Index - Domestic - According to the Dialogue, the holiday of the Orbán rag shake has begun

The hunting exhibition opened on Saturday in Budapest

Greenpeace has already expressed its displeasure with the large-scale event, whose activists are “Hunting Exhibition: Fired for Nature Conservation!” a molino was placed in front of one of the posters in the exhibition.

Critical voices did not go away, as David Dorosz and Dialogue activists protested against the exhibition and its costs before the opening.

The Semjén show starts today. It is a sad day, because it is the holiday of the Fidesz urization, the ragging of Orban. And such a day is a tragic day for all Hungarians

– began Dávid Dorosz, a member of the Dialogue for Hungary party, a former member of parliament in a video shared on his Facebook page, emphasizing that Zsolt Semjén, Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz gentlemen spend HUF 70 billion of our common money on a fever in a situation of economic and health crisis van.

Dávid Dorosz points out that the National Ambulance Service receives a total of HUF 59 billion a year, compared to the HUF 70 billion earmarked for one percent of Fidesz’s business, especially in an epidemic situation, with 100,000 pensioners living below the subsistence level, workers are miserable and unable to make a living from their pay.

Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of forints are constantly being pushed into the pockets of Fidesz buddies, while tens of thousands of children go hungry to go to kindergarten or school. It is this social injustice that is tearing the country apart, while Orban, Semjén, the Fidesz buddies and the one percent who are living in luxury

– adds Dávid Dorosz, in whom the HUF 240 million antler gate also aroused extraordinary resentment.

That is what we will count on in 2022. We put an end to yachting, urination, rag shaking. To do this, however, it is important that these days, as hundreds of thousands have done so far, we go to the pre-election. We need to take part, we need to show that we are more and that we are building a green and just Hungary after 2022

Said the former Member of Parliament.

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