Index - Domestic - After the graduation scandal, the head of the Sümeg practice leaves

He resigned from his position as the director of the Sümeg Micro-Regional Outpatient Care Center, who is the partner of László Végh, the Fidesz mayor of the small town of 6,000. Krisztina Szabó published the news of her departure on the community’s social network.

He justified his move by launching an aggressive, politically motivated expiration campaign against him.

While doctors and health workers in the epidemic were applauded in other settlements, workers in Sümeg received uncritical letters from strangers and questioned their qualifications and suitability on the community portal.

Said the outgoing leader. It is so certain that just a week ago, Mayor László Végh resigned from the position of president of the micro-region, which includes 21 settlements. Previously, as a result of the scandals, others decided to leave: a member of the municipal health committee resigned, the city’s underwriter resigned, and Norbert Mészáros, a representative, also resigned.

Earlier, the Index wrote that Krisztina Szabó had received her director’s appointment with a false graduation certificate, and because of this, the leader of the local opposition, Mihály Kovács, filed a complaint. Szabó accused Kovács of defaming him, who now reacted to the charges in his own position.

Today’s event is just one thing, we were right and it is worth fighting for our right! It is also possible to build a house on good foundations, and in a city this means creating a solid moral foundation

– wrote the opposition politician.

I am slandered here or there, the fact that two EU-funded investments in Sümeg have been found to have committed such serious infringements that the Ministry of Finance has decided to repay the full amount of aid to the Fidesz-led municipality.

The scandal was compounded by the fact that after the outbreak of the document forgery case, not only did the head of the institution remain in his position, but his salary was raised to more than one and a half million forints. However, according to Krisztina Szabó, these are untrue data.

In 2014, at the time of my election, I received a gross salary of 115,000, until April 2016, when the then maintaining local governments, led by József Turcsi, increased my salary to HUF 380,000 gross. I received this amount until December 31, 2020. In 2021, not in Sümegen and not in the decision of László Végh, President of the Micro-Region, but uniformly, in 2020. According to Act C and its implementing regulations, the salaries of specialists, specialists and healthcare workers have changed, uniformly regulated throughout the country.

He explained in his resignation letter.

In any case, the departure of the director may create a difficult situation in outpatient care in the Sümeg micro-region. Specialists from the cardiology and gastroneterology specialties and two office staff have already given notice of their dismissal.

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