Index - Domestic - Ákos Hadházy inquired about Viktor Orbán's flight to Rome, the army secrets

Ákos Hadházy wanted to follow Viktor Orbán’s journey to Rome with the Hungarian Armed Forces, but despite asking for the documents of the army’s luxury flight in Rome, he was sent by the staff of the Ministry of Defense in an irritated tone, according to the Facebook post of the opposition Member of Parliament. The politician summed up that the army “wants to walk the foot of democracy discreetly”. As stated:

These cowardly ministry shawls obviously do not protect our country, but Orban – and that predicts very bad things.

According to his report, he has not been given a date to look at the documents of the military plane for more than a month, thus proving why he had to land on the Croatian coast.

“The Minister, and then the Secretary of State for the King of Pals, also wrote that it was a secret. But in such a case – with secrecy – a member of parliament would have the right to inspect the documents, as was allowed in the case of previous – also very strange – roads, ”Ákos Hadházy wrote, adding that now they only believed that they would speak. He said he had already visited the ministry last week, at which time they were asked for 72 hours, but even then he was only told that they could not provide information, although the politician did not ask for information but wanted to view the relevant documents.

That’s why I visited them again yesterday, at a pre-announced time. But again, only two cynical officials came down to me, who told me they wouldn’t show the papers either. That’s when I turned on the camera

The opposition politician reported, enclosing the recording, where he mingled in a hassle with the staff of the ministry, who in an irritated tone only told him that he could not make a recording on the spot. According to Ákos Hadházy, the Armed Forces refused to provide information in an unlawful manner, which indicates that the possibility of control ceases, and Viktor Orbán considers the Armed Forces and their means to be his own.

As the Index reported at the end of August, the Prime Minister was picked up in Croatia by the Army’s Falcon 7X aircraft and then taken to Rome with a smaller delegation. Yesterday, the anti-corruption organization K-Monitor announced that it would file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as the Ministry, as a public service organization, did not release information about Viktor Orbán’s trip to Rome, despite submitting a public interest request.

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