Index - Domestic - Almost eight hundred soldiers take part in the vaccination action week

The Hungarian Armed Forces will send even more soldiers to hospitals during the vaccination action week, the Ministry of Defense said on Monday. As it turns out, so far 300 soldiers have served continuously in hospitals and health care facilities.

Approximately 480 more soldiers to help fight coronavirus epidemic and carry out health tasks during Monday’s vaccination action week

The wallet said. As of Monday, nearly 800 soldiers are supporting the work of the health care system at a total of 79 locations.

The duties of soldiers sent to hospitals include:

  • participate in logistics tasks,
  • assist in measuring the body temperature of incoming patients,
  • in patient management, follow-up and guidance tasks,
  • and assist with administrative and shipping tasks.

As previously reported by the Index, the vaccination action week began today, those who want to be vaccinated until Sunday every day between seven in the morning and seven in the evening 101 in hospitals and clinics are also waiting. There is no need to book, check in or register for an appointment until Sunday.

During the day it is Index readers also indicated that huge queues formed in the XI. at the vaccination point of Szent Imre University Teaching Hospital. A similar situation has been reported at Uzsoki Street Hospital, the Military Hospital and St. Margaret Hospital.

The vaccination action week was organized by the government because the epidemiological situation in Hungary is deteriorating. The essence of the Hungarian government’s vaccine-based defense is to get more people vaccinated against the coronavirus, as this is the only way to provide adequate protection against the infection.

György István, According to the Secretary of State for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister’s Office, the vaccination action week was successfully launched, as 51,000 vaccinations against the coronavirus were administered at the country’s vaccination centers by noon.

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