Index - Domestic - Ambulances took a visually impaired man for a job interview

In a hurry to the patient, the driver of one of the ambulance units noticed a blind man around the age of 45 who was standing on the side of the sidewalk on one of the busy roads in Budapest – read the National Ambulance Service Facebook page.

It turned out that the man had come to the capital from Borsod county, he would have hurried to the interview with the help of the application on his phone. He had set out earlier to get there okay, but in the meantime his phone was discharged and the walkers couldn’t get directions. After the ambulances took care of their patient, they set off on the same path. The man waited there invariably, holding his white stick in his hand.

After the address made its way to the ambulance station, our comrades agreed with the ambulance management and finally took the unseen man, who even managed to charge his phone a bit on the way, for a job interview with an ambulance. Although he was still a few minutes late, lifeguards hope the interview went well

– read in the entry.

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