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The professor is the Government of Hungary Facebook page in an uploaded video, he answers five questions, most of which relate to a new variant of the coronavirus that was first identified in South Africa.

  • Is the fifth wave of the epidemic already underway?

    The fifth wave started with the appearance of the omicron, the delta wave sounded nice. Roughly 20 to 30 percent of patients may now be infected with the delta variant, and the increase we’ve seen since the New Year is clearly due to the omicron variant.

  • What are the symptoms of the omicron variant?

    Today, the three vaccinations are complete vaccinations, and for the three vaccinations, the disease caused by the omicron variant is in the form of a mild upper respiratory disease. This is to be expected from the three vaccines, but of course due to the significant infectivity, the significant rate of spread, it is almost certain that all vaccinees will become infected.

  • Could the delta variant, or the omicron variant, have been infected?

    If there are significant symptoms, delta is more likely, but as mentioned above, omicron can cause severe disease that requires intensive care in the ward.

  • Do the vaccines available today protect against the omicron variant?

    They protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death in the event of a full vaccination.

  • How quickly does the omicron variant infect?

    You can see very high numbers very quickly. An example of this is that a few days ago, there were almost 300,000 cases a day in France, and the number of cases around the world is approaching five million a day, showing huge numbers.

As we wrote, according to epidemiological data published in the morning, 8,921 new coronavirus infections were registered in Hungary from Thursday to Friday, and 73 patients died. The hospital cares for 2,611 patients, 243 of whom are on ventilators. The number of healed people increased to 1,158,509 and the number of active infected people to 128,268.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized in a radio interview on Friday morning that there would be a vaccination action day at the vaccination points every weekend in January. He asked everyone to follow the information given to the GPs as they have more vaccination days.

Cecília Müller, the national chief medical officer, said that 29 percent of the diseases in Hungary are already caused by the omicron variant. How many can be infected also depends on the level of vaccination in the country as well as the health status of the population.

As we reported earlier, on Thursday Minister Gergely Gulyás, Chief Minister announced a Government informationthat from February 15 onwards the security card shall be converted into a vaccination certificate. As a result, those who have just contracted the infection will no longer be able to get protection, and from now on, three will be needed instead of two. Vaccinations will be checked by examining the QR code.

(Cover image: Béla Merkely. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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