One of the sub-pages of the BKK website is added with new features

Thanks to the continuous improvements, the BKK FUTÁR application is expanded with another useful function: thanks to the data provision through the interface developed by the MÁV-Volán Group, the MÁV-START flights available with Budapest season tickets will also appear on the interface. In the case of future travel planning, the system will also offer these trains as a possible alternative – BKK and MÁV inform about it.

The center and the railway company report that the latest development of the BKK FUTÁR application facilitates the everyday life of travelers within the administrative boundaries of the capital and commuters from the agglomeration to the capital. At the initiative of the Budapest Development Center (BFK), the data of the MÁV-HÉV flights have been available since the end of August, and now, thanks to the data provision via the interface developed by the MÁV-Volán Group, the trains operated by MÁV-START can be used. (These trains are marked with a diamond symbol in the MÁV-START timetable.) The list of trains can be viewed on the BKK page.

With the innovation, passengers will be able to reach their destinations faster and with fewer transfers in the future, while seeing the movement of railway trains in real time on the screen of smart devices. Thanks to the development, passengers traveling to railway stations will be able to track in the application how the train that is important to them is reached using public transport. Those arriving by train can also easily plan which BKK flight to get to their destination the fastest. With the Budapest season ticket, many trains can be used without paying extra costs within the city’s administrative boundaries, so the current development can also be useful for people in the capital: the system can offer faster and simpler routes that BKK’s customers would not have thought of so far.

The usefulness of a yellow exclamation mark.

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