Index - Domestic - Budapest Pride: Viktor Orbán deliberately misleads voters

Viktor Orbán deliberately misleads the electorate when he confuses child abuse with homosexuality, Budapest Pride wrote in response to the prime minister’s radio interview.

The prime minister said Friday morning that there is currently a very big debate over whether homosexuality leads to pedophilia. According to Budapest Pride, this debate does not exist.

Viktor Orbán tries to smuggle child abuse with gay and lesbian people by deliberately misleading

The organization wrote.

In addition to Pride, Péter Ungár, a Member of Parliament for the LMP, explained in a longer article why the Prime Minister’s statement on Friday morning was misleading.

A serious, hateful, lying sentence

– wrote, adding that all this raises further questions, including why the government is saying that spring referendum is not aa it’s about homophobia if now

does the prime minister confuse all Hungarian homosexuals with an extremely serious crime?


(Cover image: Viktor Orbán. Photo: MTI / Prime Minister’s Press Office / Zoltán Fischer)

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