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October 13. It could be perilous, but in 2021, this Wednesday spoke of opposition prime minister-candidate debate; the Anglo-Hungarian match – but not the events on the pitch -; the oldest man who ever walked in space — because he was now fired at the stars —; Imre Mártha, who talked a bit about energy dependency and the need to get off the dead nuclear power plant project; he started a new show on the Index, Kitchen Language, which is a bit scandalous or maybe not a little; and the snowfall, because it had already fallen in the Mátra.

Both opposition prime ministerial candidates left behind on a strong Wednesday. The evening discussion between Klára Dobrev and Péter Márki-Zay was well preceded by the speech. Gergely Karácsony – a candidate who resigned in favor of Márki-Zay – accused Ferenc Gyurcsány, the president of the Democratic Coalition, of extortion, and Klára Dobrev called her opponent a liar and unfit for the post of prime minister. In the sharp debate, however, they both promised that if they did not win the pre-selection, they would stand behind the winner. We were also able to follow the debate live on the Index.

In London on the evening of October 12, 2021, the Hungarian national football team won 1-1 against the English team. Because this draw really comes with a victory, it’s true, it doesn’t fly the Hungarians very far. What made this match famous, however, is not the ikis on the pitch, but the attention on the stands: the International Football Association is already investigating – the British have arrested several fans – why the visiting fans beat the English police.

William Shatner is famous for being an actor and is known to most of his fans as James T. Kirk. He played the captain of the famous starship (Enterprise) of the American film series Star Trek. Now, at the twilight of his life, he was honored to have been taken into space. With this, he is currently the oldest man (90 years old) who has left Earth.

Márk Lakatos’s talk show started at the Index. The Kitchen Language is on the Index from 8pm on Wednesdays. In the introductory part of the online chat gastronomy program, three former drug users (Márk Lakatos, Gusztáv Dietz, Zsolt Nagy) and Áron Molnár noÁr also sat at the table.

Couch: There is one in Siberia where prisoners devoured each other when eating they wanted.

Female: He gained thirty kilos pregnant, which he lost in three months – Andrea Soós talked to Tomán Szabina. Here can be heard. The real value of future pensions as well will take you inflation.

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