Index - Domestic - DK: State earned at least nearly two billion on grieving families last year

While in 2020 you had to pay 189 thousand forints for the essential items of the simplest funeral, at the end of last year you had to pay 212 thousand forints for the same. Of this 212 thousand forints, almost 50 thousand forints are VAT only. Even if the families of those who died in the epidemic chose the cheapest funeral, the state still earned nearly two billion forints on the bereaved families, Judit Ráczné Földi, a member of the DK presidency, said in an online press conference.

DK finds it outrageous that the government is profiting from world record deaths by retaining 27 percent VAT on funerals.

According to the opposition party, this is a clear message from Fidesz to the country: just as health is a business today, so is death, a business for the Hungarian state itself.

It is this evil, greedy and heartless government logic that we must replace in the parliamentary elections on 3 April!

Judit Ráczné Földi closed her words.

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