Index - Domestic - Merkel disappointed, Csaba Tóth drowned, Andrea Várkonyi posted

Péter Krekó gave a real clickbait title to his opinion article written for Index, with which he wanted to prove exactly what dangerous trends were released on Facebook. Read the opinion of the director of Political Capital About Zuckerberg’s toxic realm!

At an online press conference, Klára Dobrev told Péter Márky-Zay that he was populist, that his behavior was dangerous and that he would not be able to hold the opposition together until December. His speech didn’t even end when Márky-Zay had already spoken back on Facebook, accusing the DK candidate of lying. hate campaign continues against him. Details here!

Márk Lakatos will start a cooking-talk show on the Index on Wednesday, with his first star guests around the topic of addiction. But it is open to everything, Dóra Dúró and Róbert Puzsér would also like to cook. Read our interview!

The milling industry in the press: due to rising energy prices and rising labor costs, the price increase in the bakery industry is almost certain in October, and flour may become more expensive in January. But who pays for the 400 forint cocoa snail? Read more here!

It’s terribly depressing, yet the world loves the world of netflixes Squid Game (Win Your Life). In our article, we followed why dystopian, killer South Korean productions are conquering, in which the frustrating thing is that they are very realistic. Criticism in the Index Cinematrix section!

It turned out today was he there Balázs Sebestyén at the wedding of Lőrinc Mészáros, Curtis tired, and suspended his music career, including EDDA finished, During Shane Tusup and Zsófi Szabó they romanticized one, And Pumped Gabo outgrown the country.

COUCH: Four years ago, when the MeToo movement broke out, a lot of women in our country posted on their social site that #metoo – usually because of a specific issue. The Sofa article examines that and more specifically, where is the line between compliment and harassment, what is already considered intrusion? Details here!

NAPI.HU: Probably a world record was set in Jókai Street: an underground garage was completed sixteen years ago, but to this day it has not been handed over to traffic. The unfortunate state is hitting everyone, but the solution is nowhere near. To the strange story followed.

FEMALE: Who needs to introduce themselves at a discussion first? If someone doesn’t follow the basic rules of etiquette, it can seem awkward, amateurish in a meeting. With tips from Femina you can avoid this.

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