Károly Reim

2021.10.11. 21:25

The public procurement for the procurement and commissioning of electric buses, announced by DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.

A charging system compatible with the buses and suitable for the simultaneous charging of 12 vehicles that can also be installed outdoors will also be built. One of the key goals of the D2030 program is to develop the city in a green and sustainable way.

Thanks to the Green Bus sample program, the people of Debrecen were able to try out a fully electric bus for a month last year, and in the near future they can also travel in everyday traffic with the new vehicles.

The government will help HUF 56 million to allow passengers to try out the electric bus for one month free of charge, and in the next phase of the program they will support the purchase of the first electric buses with an additional HUF 800 million, which will enrich Debrecen’s fleet.

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