Index - Domestic - Even lower students are differentiated from non-vaccinated

There will be no general digital curriculum, but attendance education can be solved so that those at home can get involved. The quarantine obligation is reduced to five days in some cases.

1-6. The rules for grades 7 to 12 will be the same as for grades 7 to 12. grade: if a student becomes coronary, he or she must be quarantined for seven days and then go back to school after three asymptomatic days. Quarantine can also be lifted on the fifth day after the onset of symptoms with a negative Covid rapid test.

In the event of an infection, only the Office of Education may order an extraordinary break in the given institution or in the group concerned. Attendance training can also be organized so that those at home can join it online.

Of the close contacts (classmates), vaccinees can still go to school and others have to be quarantined for five days. The educational institution should ensure that these children receive the processed curriculum and homework.

However, a separate digital work schedule will not be ordered for the whole class, and from 15 January, the EMMI will no longer be required to report coronavirus school illnesses. However, the epidemiological authority still needs to mean. The current procedure in kindergartens will be maintained.

If a teaching measure is temporarily ordered in an educational institution, childcare should be organized in the institution concerned to support parents. During childcare, the child feeding provider must continue to provide child feeding.

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