Index - Domestic - Everyone can come here to ski, the snow in Bükk is so big

Yesterday there was a showers of snow and ice in several places, and snowflakes had already replaced the rain on the mountain tops. All this was caused by the cold front, whose cloud and precipitation system gradually disintegrated – wrote the National Meteorological Service.

Behind the front came colder, drier air in the higher air layers. Before that, however, there were a lot of clear areas, which caused the temperature to drop below 0 degrees in the usual frosty places.

Snow has also accumulated in Bükk, where it is no longer just spectacular snowfall, says Time Picture. On the 858-meter-high Bánkút, the temperature dropped a few tenths below freezing, and the eastern confluence zone helped to form precipitation, which resulted in snow all night, so that by morning more than 10 centimeters of snow covered the area. Road users were warned by the authorities to be careful because the roads were slippery.

The situation is similar in Mátra, Kékestető and Galyatető have also whitened. Although this amount of snow is not yet suitable for sledding and sports, if it goes on like this, lovers of winter sports will soon be able to start in the North Central Mountains.

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