Index - Domestic - Finally!  The renewal of the Gödöllő and Csömör heat starts

A feasibility study for the renovation of the lines has already been completed in BKK.

Dávid Vitézy, CEO of the Budapest Development Center (BFK), announced on Facebook that the renewal of the Gödöllő and Csömör heat will start, the planning of which will be completed in 2024, and the handover is due in 2028.

Following the decision of the Government, the Budapest Development Center took over the development of the Gödöllő (H8) and Csömör (H9) heating lines from the Capital. There are antecedents in the Budapest section, but the planning in the agglomeration section has not started before, we will start this now in the order of BFK

– writes Dávid Vitézy. He adds that, in order to have a proper planning program, the mayors of the agglomerations concerned and the parliamentarians of the area were consulted as a first step. On Wednesday, Bence Tuzson and László Vécsey with members of parliament, István Fábri, Mayor of Csömör, Péter Bárdy, Deputy Mayor of Gödöllő, István Juhász, Mayor of Kistarcsa, László Gyuricza, Mayor of Kerepes and Gov. As a result of the negotiations

It is basic that, contrary to previous plans, the heat of Csömör will remain and the line developed into a metro cannot stop at Cinkota, as it was in the previous plans of the capital.

According to the CEO of the Budapest Development Center, the agglomeration section also needs to be developed: modern vehicles and barrier-free platforms are needed. They also agreed that


Dávid Vitézy also reported that there will be car and bicycle parking lots along the line, the relocation of one stop and the establishment of new stops in the suburban section of the heat will also be examined.

After the feasibility study, planning will begin and the necessary permits will be obtained in several steps, on a scheduled basis. The planning phase could be completed in 2024. If the government supports the plans, construction can also begin and the investment can be completed in 2028, Vitézy says in his post.

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