Index - Domestic - A new era in wells has arrived, but there are surprises

Today, the country has lost a nationally known and popular actress, Barn Karola He was 85 years old. The Worthy Artist was best known to the general public from the Neighbors and Life Pictures TV series.

The Real World Aurelio was sentenced to a final prison sentence. The scheme is almost commonplace: first an ascension that fits into a fairy tale, then a series of messy affairs, and finally the hell of a harsh reality.

The Index, known worldwide, also drilled public deep drilling today About Anonymous Group we tried to pull off the veil and that particular Vendetta mask. Speaking of the subject, of course, was the City Hall affair, in which it was also there have been new developments today.

The foreign policy news of the day was that after lengthy negotiations and controversial press reports the German governing coalition was finally formed. The Merkel era is now practically certainly followed by the Scholz era.

A Couch viewed from the smartest in world history career advice, a with a housing market price picture applied for Femina and one is known female humorist he led his readers into his world.

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