Index - Domestic - Gergely Karácsony: Ferenc Gyurcsány was not blackmailed

When we say that blackmail is a political game, we are not talking about it in a criminal law sense, said Gergely Karácsony, the retired opposition prime ministerial candidate of Dialogue, MSZP and LMP, on ATV’s Straight Speech. The mayor of Budapest responded to the presenter’s question as to why he did not turn to the police if, as he claimed, Ferenc Gyurcsány had sent him blackmail SMS.

Gergely Kar added added that it would feel great trouble to entertain each other with these SMS.

Rather, they are threats that have never become anything. No, no, I want to say that very definitely. These are political games, speeches. It is by no means one that should go to court

Said the mayor. As he said, we are currently living in a period when there is a lot of conflict, which is why many people go to the polls in the pre-election. Added by:

I think that if the pre-election is over and there is a leader of the united opposition, we must make peace with each other.

In connection with the 99 Movements he founded, Gergely Karácsony said that he had fulfilled the task for which he was created. He said the movement was joined by people who might not join parties. He added that the people joined not to make him the next prime minister, but to achieve the change in Hungarian politics that succeeded.

Gergely Karácsony said he would still like to work with the parties that supported them during the pre-election. He added that he really wanted to replace Viktor Orbán in 2022, but “Péter Márki-Zay wanted better”. As you said,

we need to change this momentum, and in order to achieve change in Hungary, we have to take risks.

According to Gergely Karácsony, the most successful thing in the last two years in the capital was epidemiological control.

The capital currently lives on its current account credit, from which we can still operate the city until May

The mayor said when asked by the presenter. According to him, in addition to the epidemic, the other problem is that Budapest does not receive the state support due to it. That is why it would be important to succeed in the change of government in the spring, he added. At the end of the interview, he emphasized that he still wanted to be the mayor of Budapest, if the voters wanted to do so.

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