The flood of dirt rushing towards me in the last week has even amazed me, even though I have already gone through some slander campaigns. That’s why I sat down to write another post about the “case”

– read to Gordon Bajnai posted on Facebook one Friday in the entry, in which the former prime minister wrote in connection with the scandal surrounding the sale of the City Hall, that countless statements from the pro-government press and pro-government politicians based on his honor were based on a series of illegally made and deliberately cut, redesigned, multi-piece sound recordings.

These “strange Anonyms” fighting for (and not against) the interests of power cut the nearly 1-hour conversation into a few minutes. Their goal is obviously to make white black, to change the purpose and meaning of my sentences, to change their meaning in the opposite direction.

Bajnai wrote.

As is well known, two recordings have been published in recent days to hear Gordon Bajnai discussing the City Hall and, to mention sharks, talking about commissions from politicians leading the capital. According to the most quoted sentence of the conversation in the press:

Here, someone smells the opportunity for a deal, a deal, then right away everyone wants to put themselves in as a broker. So that you can then ask for some commission.

Gordon Bajnai wrote in a Friday report that he was reporting a crime and would face up to 1 to 5 years in prison for making such a recording public.

That is why today I am filing a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator (Anonymus) and, of course, the instigators behind him. Maybe one day it will be revealed who is actually hiding behind the mask

– said the former prime minister, who said that the full recording without manipulation would reveal exactly what was not in the interest of the slanderers, and then recalled what he said in the ominous conversation:

1. I have made it clear on several occasions in a wiretapped conversation that I have no personal interest, influence or intent in relation to the matter in question.

2. I do not see real estate development realistic in the current political war situation, do not industry.

3. An otherwise justified, sensible and fair concept of development could only be adopted with a broad political consensus, which is unlikely to ever emerge, but if they have the patience, they should continue to work on such a concept.

3. To the provocative question of whether it is worth doing business with the “intermediaries” who sign up with them, I replied that such “sharks” always show up around every party, but only cause harm and trouble, so avoid them.

4. I have also made it clear that I consider the mayor and his direct staff known to me to be incorruptible.

Bajnai closed his lines by thanking him for the amount of solidarity and encouragement he had received from many in recent days.

(Cover image: Gordon Bajnai in 2014. Photo: Noémi Bruzák / MTI)

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