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The Infostart Zoltán Balogh said that the Hungarian healthcare system suffers the most from the lack of workers; according to the president of MESZK, the daily workload has increased extremely.

One of the reasons for this is that the number of patients requiring care and the severity of their illness is increasing, and the other is that the number of professionals involved in care is decreasing. The survivors thus work in much more working hours: not in 168 hours, but in 200-220 hours, and even hear of extreme cases approaching 300 working hours.

– explained Zoltán Balogh.

17,000 people leaving the field?

The president of the chamber could not confirm that according to the latest report of the CSO, roughly 17,000 people left the health care profession in the course of a year. The finding shows this number by adding the employee of the health and social care system and thinking of the system of human health and social services, while the chamber sees a smaller number with two to three thousand colleagues based on its records.

The exact number of people who actually left health care can be found out when renewing their annual membership card in February

The President of the Chamber remarked.

Zoltán Balogh also sees that the shortage of staff can have serious consequences: the possibility of mistakes and mistakes may increase with the increased workload. The correlations between the shortage of staff and mortality can be factors in the problems of care, since with a much higher workload, a smaller number of people in different areas of patient care receive care.

In the coming years, the management of human resource management should be an important breakthrough in health care renewal, and the situation of nurses and professionals should play a key role in this, he said.

Government expectations

Earlier, Gergely Gulyás, the Prime Minister, explained at the Government Info that the number of infections is expected to increase dynamically in the coming days, but the number of serious cases will not increase to such an extent, and the capacity of hospitals is considered sufficient. At the time of the referral, 75 percent of normal sick beds in hospitals were free and 25 percent of the beds were cared for for coronavirus patients.

A total of 8,546 free beds are available for covidium patients, this capacity can be increased as needed

The Minister informed.

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