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  • In the talk entitled Index Kibeszélő, we talked to György Magyar, the chairman of the Civil Election Committee, about the pre-election process, its significance, costs, the spring chances of the opposition candidates and the tone of the campaign. Watch our video here!
  • In our series entitled A City Leader, we asked Pál Veres, the mayor of Miskolc, about the settlement liquidation program, the relationship between the city and the university, and the return on the stadium investment. Read more here!
  • In a regional comparison, the housing market in Budapest is also extremely unfavorable for low-income earners and young people starting their careers. Rising rents along with square meter prices are steadily reducing the number of solvent tenants, and state and municipal subsidies are not able to substantially narrow the supply-demand gap. We write about the details here.
  • They also received good news about those vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. They accept both for travel to the United States. Read more here!
  • Experimentally, artificial intelligence controls traffic lights in several cities around the world. With the help of the new technology, an environmentally friendly route can be planned, which can neutralize the exhaust gas of up to two hundred thousand cars. And artificial intelligence helps in the early diagnosis of diseases that were once considered fatal. Our article is here!
  • Chaos is complete, the global deficit economy has broken out. As if there had never been globalization, the world economy had turned its corner. As thousands of billions of dollars were torn to market as the epidemic eased, new waves hit production and trade. Moreover, in the post-Covid era, world trade remains a field of great power competition. All this leads to a further sharpening of social inequalities. We write about the details here!
  • One morning he is filming with Judit Hernádi in Makkosszállás in a scenery village, the next day he is already blowing socks between his legs in the tanning tent while his coach feeds him to have the embankment by the time he goes on stage. He recently shot alongside Ella Travolta and won a silver medal as a natural bodybuilder at the beginning of October in a competition in Pécs, but he doesn’t stop until the World Championships. We talked to András Máté Gömöri about the conflict of interest between the two professions, the market gap he found, his motivation and his future plans. Our interview here!
  • He doesn’t steal the motorcycle who just pushes it. The thieves who committed the crime for a long time defended themselves by not wanting to steal the car, they just wanted to drive a little with it. Well, of course, since they got a lot more for theft than for arbitrary seizure of the vehicle. Since then, the Penal Code has threatened the perpetrators of both crimes with similar penalties. However, one thing has not changed over time: the negligence and irresponsibility of the victims. As you know, in most cases, the cars in which the lock key was forgotten are still tied up today. Our article is here!
  • Three generations went crazy for it. First, with the arrival of the three magical Hungarians (Kubala, Kocsis, Czibor), it exploded out of gray in the fifties and sixties, second, Johan Cruyff performed a miracle with the Dream Team around 1990, and third, Lionel Messi and his contemporaries lifted Barça to the skies. But that’s just the past, today the ninth place in La Liga is dying a symbol of Catalan independence that, in the spirit of its slogan, is more than a club. Or less today ?! You can read the first part of our article series here!

COUCH. Perhaps the most beloved French star of all time, Jean-Paul Belmondo, left us here a month ago – Until Exhaustion, The Pro, the Ace of Aces, and so many of the film’s classic protagonists, we wouldn’t think he was rejected by a producer because of his voice in the beginning. However, the story is not so simple – make sure on the couch!

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