Expected temperature Friday at dawn

On Thursday evening, the clouds are thickening in an ever-increasing area from the west, and there may be snow in some places, especially in the western and northern landscapes, and snow at Sopron. National Meteorological Service from the forecast. The southeastern, eastern winds turn west in Western Transdanubia and occasionally pick up. The lowest night temperatures are likely to be between minus 5 and plus 4 degrees.

Expected temperature Friday at dawn

Photo: National Meteorological Service

The clouds will thicken in the eastern part of the country on Friday morning as well, and we can expect mostly overcast weather most of the day. From the southwest, an extensive precipitation zone reaches Hungary, which only slowly moves north. There is a prospect of more heavy rainfall in Transdanubia.

In addition to rain, snowfall and snowfall may occur first in the Sopron and Alpokalja areas, later in the western and northern parts of Transdanubia, and in the higher parts of the Northern Central Mountains.

The south-east wind, in Western Transdanubia the north-west wind can be accompanied by vigorous, in some places strong gusts, then from the afternoon the wind turns to the west and south-west in an increasing area. Highest daytime temperatures can be expected between 1 and 10 degrees.

According to a text warning forecast by the National Meteorological Service, a precipitation zone will reach the country from the west and southwest by Friday morning. In the morning, snowfall and snow in the area of ​​the western border, and possibly tinny rain in the Kőszeg and Sopron Mountains. During the day, wet, sticky snow can fall more and more in the western and north-western part of Transdanubia.

In the afternoon and evening, snowfall can be expected on the higher peaks of the Transdanubian Mountains and the Northern Central Mountains, and then in the late evening the precipitation zone leaves north. The falling snow will melt in the plains, so there is still a lot of uncertainty about the amount of snow expected.

In the western, north-western part of Transdanubia, in the plains, a layer of snow between 3 centimeters and 3 centimeters can usually form. More snow is expected in the Alpokalja area, in the Kőszeg and Sopron Mountains the expected amount of snow may exceed ten centimeters, but in Bakony fresh snow layers may exceed 5 centimeters.

What does Katalin promise?

As the Index has previously reported, there are several traditional folk predictions that try to predict what kind of winter we will have and what kind of weather we can expect at Christmas. We also wrote earlier on Martin’s Day and Elizabeth’s Day about what to expect. Today Catherine has revealed whether there will be snow at Christmas.

If Katalin knocks, Christmas is chattering

– says the folk saying. That is, if it freezes on November 25, sleety, rainy weather is expected at Christmas. The Agroinform according to the reverse is also true: if Catherine has rainy, light weather during the day, she will freeze at Christmas.

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