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It didn’t take long for the driver, who was on his way from Mór to Bodaj to his mother on Sunday morning, to have a final trip, but in the dense fog, a multi-irregular minibus suddenly appeared in front of him.

I went to my mother’s for lunch on Sunday from Mór to Bodaj when, on the Mór section of the main road 81 (roughly 24-25 kilometers), a minibus in the fog could not finish overtaking the truck line and almost collided with me frontally

Said the recorder, who explained that he was neither an angry nor a vengeful type, but hoped that the driver of the minibus that threatened him would be held accountable for his misdemeanors.

This is not just about overtaking at the closing line that is not in line with visibility and, last but not least, road hazards. I am confident that the gentleman in the video (behind whom was a small bus man) will be held accountable for his actions and that perhaps other innocent people may survive. I would have gotten out of my heart and called a police officer, but since it was a big fog, with low visibility and after a bounce, it would not have been a responsible decision.

Wrote the driver who was suffering.

(via Bpi Motorists)

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