Index - Domestic - János Hospital has an MR machine, but hundreds of millions of devices are in stock

The Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) announced in October 2017 that between 2017 and 2020, HUF 9.3 billion will be allocated for the development of St. John’s Hospital and the Kútvölgy Clinical Block, among others, within the framework of the Healthy Budapest program. As part of this, an MR and vascular staining (DSA) equipment was also delivered to the hospital.

Although the equipment arrived at the institution in 2019, a HVG your information has still not operated on them and is untapped. Physically, the machine is there in a locked room, but in John, inpatients still need to be transferred to other institutions for the necessary MRI scans, a source in the paper said.

The price of the two devices together approached one billion forints.

The use of such equipment requires an insulated tester that completely excludes radio frequencies, and an air conditioner housing for cooling. These building alterations were also started, but were stopped three months later.

Because the machine has been idle for such a long time, the level of liquid helium used to cool the superconducting magnet, which is the soul of the equipment, has dropped to a critical level due to continuous evaporation and had to be recharged urgently. At the time of the procurement, even the team of specialists (operators, radiologists) was fully available, but due to the long wait, they also looked for work elsewhere.

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