Index - Domestic - János Slavik revealed whether the epidemic would end by Christmas

János Szlávik, chief infectologist of the South Pest Central Hospital, also talked about the expected Christmas epidemic and the vaccination week. However, a possible fourth vaccination against coronavirus was discussed, as well as whether it was worth relying on an antibody test.

I am optimistic to see that, as in previous waves, the number of cases starts to decline relatively quickly after a certain peak. If all goes well, we will have far fewer cases by Christmas

Said János Slavik a TV2 in the morning show. He added that this may change and may not be the case, but it seems that “this Christmas, which is not just a holiday but a feeling, it stays with us”.

Let’s not forget that holiday fairs, Christmas fairs are also open, keep people feeling like it’s going to be Christmas, maybe it’s going to be Christmas

The infectologist added.

Regarding the vaccination action week, the expert said that he still thought that some of those who had not taken the vaccine so far could still be persuaded to take the opportunity.

This is the action week for them. I think a significant number of people will leave. In Hungary, five of the six vaccines previously available are available. Those who want to be vaccinated are free to choose and discuss with their doctor which is best for them.

– stated János Slávik, who said that in the case of the third vaccination, it is not only important to restore it, but also to significantly increase protection.

Remember that four months after the two vaccinations, protection begins to decline, after six months it drops significantly.

– said the expert, who believes that the coronavirus is not a disease that is good to pass.

The goal cannot be to catch everyone and make everyone sick. The virus has long-term side effects. In the delta variant, 25 percent of patients have had some form of post-Covid disease for months.

The infectologist pointed out. There are diseases that are better to overcome because then we get protection against it for life, but unfortunately the coronavirus is not like that, he added.

Regarding antibody testing, he said that science has not yet proven that high antibody levels protect us from the disease. It’s a much more complicated thing, said the expert, who says it’s a vain dream that someone with high antibody levels can’t get infected.

For the time being, there is quite a lot of talk about the fourth vaccination. About the fourth vaccination, which will be taken sometime in six months, nine months

Said János Slavik. He added: there are countries that are ahead in the vaccination order. Such is Israel, we learned from them when to get vaccinated. We learned from them that yes, the third vaccination is recommended for everyone, not only the elderly and the sick, but also the young, as this is the only way to break the third and fourth wave, the expert said.

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