Index - Domestic - Katalin Novák went to the International Holocaust Forum and spoke about opposition cooperation

Sweden hosted the International Holocaust Forum, where Katalin Novák represented Hungary. The Minister without Portfolio for Families spoke in Malmö that the Hungarian government had never done as much for the Jewish community as in the past 12 years, but the His popular word According to him, unlike the other participants, he made few commitments and rather drew attention to the opposition coalition in Hungary.

Representatives from other countries spoke primarily about growing anti-Semitism and hateful conspiracy theories spreading through social media, while Sweden signaled the creation of a new Holocaust museum and the United States offered $ 1 million from the Middle East and North Africa. to curb online incitement to hate speech and to support programs to end Holocaust denial. But representatives of other countries also promised to build cultural institutes or strengthen Holocaust education.

The Hungarian government has promised to continue the program of renovation of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries within the country’s borders.

According to András Heisler, president of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), much more should be done than this, and pointed out that according to the Median summer survey, 36 percent of Hungarians have anti-Semitic views, 21 percent overestimated the number of Holocaust victims, 11 percent questions the existence of gas chambers, while 16 percent say Jews invented most of the horrors, which is Holocaust denial and is against the law in Hungary.

If our government wanted to do something at the Malmö conference, it would have had to aim to bring down these numbers in order to reduce the incidence of these misconceptions.

– says András Heisler, who also pointed out that it would not help if the government entrusts the National Core Curriculum to a person who openly promotes racist ideas – Mihály Takaró – just as it does not give Ernő Raffay a state award despite his anti-Semitic views.

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